Roman Abrasax is a Dance/Pop Saxophonist from Republic of Moldova. Although generally billed as a Hip-Hop Saxophonist, he also incorporates gospel, jazz, classical into his performances and is highly interactive with his audience.

Roman was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. He has played the saxophone since the age of six. When he was seven years old he received a saxophone scholarship from the virtuoso Alexei Litvin from Chisinau, President of the Philharmonic-Orchestra, and studied with him for the next ten years.

Over the next 10+ years of his career, Roman has participated in all kinds of national and international contests where he also won many awards. The most important one was being first at the International Festival of young Saxophone players, which took place at Sozopol (Bulgaria) when he was 18. After this achievement his parents decided to give him one of the best saxophones at the time, in order to master and perfect the sound of playing the saxophone. Only after this event, he realized and understood how deep his passion and love for music truly was. Although he also wanted to expand his knowledge of economics and therefore studied it for the next five years in Romania, he never neglected his passion for music.

While constantly working on his performances and playing for his friends, it didn’t take very long for him to get noticed by a famous DJ who offered him to team up together and play all across Romania. Once he accepted the offer, Roman become well known across the country as a club music sax player. Soon he was invited to be a resident at one of the richest club of the country named PINK (Pitesti), where he stayed and played for the next 6 months. It didn’t take very long for all kinds of managers to notice him and invite him to play just about anywhere. In 2013 he was in the national tour, Mix Music EVO Tour, organized by LIDL, playing with one of the most famous Dance/Pop bands named Deep Central. After that Roman also started to play at wedding parties, as well as at corporative and private events.

In 2014, also worked in different projects with different stars of romanian show-business as F.Charm, Emil Lassaria, Marcko, Meena K, DeepCentral… After all, he decided to move to the next level, starting with moving to Germany, where he started to learn german language, and wants to develop his lovely hobby as much as it’s possible.

Memorable, fresh and innovative are three words that perfectly sum up this fiddler from Moldova.